Next Stop, INDIA!

Courtesy Trey Ratcliff,

Courtesy Trey Ratcliff,

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you I received the Teacher Trek grant!!!

I am so thankful to everyone who took the time and trouble to offer your support — this wouldn’t be possible without you! To the Hilton HHonors program and the Institute of International Education, I really appreciate this amazing opportunity to share the world with students; I intend to make the most of it.  THANK YOU!!

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8 thoughts on “Next Stop, INDIA!

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  2. Hello and Congratulations on your grant!

    It sounds like you are off to teach in India?!

    I’m sure you have a lot to look forward to and wish you good luck on your travels.

    As a pioneer in education, I recommend you take a look at TES India for online teaching resources.
    I think this may help you throughout your adventure!

    ( )

    Good Luck!

    • Although I hope to connect with a school as part of a cultural exchange, I am visiting India to do research in support of a course I will be teaching in America this Autumn. Your site looks lovely; I will explore it more and post your comment to share with others.

      Can you point me to Indian curriculum guides or grade level expectations?

      Thank you!

  3. Congrats! How did you apply? Sabbatical?

    • I submitted a grant proposal for a new opportunity through the Hilton HHonors program and was selected as a finalist. The recipients were selected based on public voting on the proposals of the finalists. I feel so very fortunate and am going to make the most of it for my students!

    • Sorry to have missed your comment and question earlier! I think it was lost in the end-of-school-year craziness and preparations for the trek. I applied for the grant via the program’s application page with the Institute of International Eduction. You can check them out at

  4. Scott you sound very excited about your adventure and I don’t blame you!

    Did you have time to check out the site TES India?

    • I have, and found a multitude of classroom resources. Collaboration among colleagues is so helpful.

      Being completely new to the subject of Indian education, I am not yet familiar with your country’s organizational system for education. I will search for a governmental office and curricular requirements as soon as i have then opportunity.

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