I have been incommunicado due to the difficulty of Internet access, a busy schedule, and getting settled in a foreign land. Although it has been great, everything is difficult in India.

To give you some sense of what I mean, here is an example from a short shopping trip to a Delhi department store. When you choose something for purchase, you don’t put it in a basket to be rang up by a cashier. Instead you give it to a clerk who records your purchase (sometimes this is hand-written), and then gives the items to another person who takes your selections from that area to a central clearing area while you continue to shop. When you are ready to make payment, you go to a large central cashier who totals up all of your slips and charges you for your purchases. You then go to another area where your paid receipt is given to a person who pulls your bagged items for a central location, stamps each slip from each area you made selections from, and then gives it to another person. The last individual then does an inventory check of each item in each bag from each area you have made selections from, then you FINALLY get your purchases.

In my mind I see this as related to the enormous population of India’s 3.2 billion people needing employment, but I could be wrong. Regardless, this is a prime example of how difficult most things can be in India.

This is India.

More updates on the Delhi experiences soon.

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