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A Taste of India



The spiced chai and Mutton Roganosh (a spicy curried lamb) were delicious. They kind of help take the edge off of a 12-hour jet-lag and the shock Delhi presents to a first-time visitor.


I would try to describe the flavor of the lamb, but that would be like trying to describe how a rose smells.

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Indian Tea Production

Courtesy Akarsh Simha, Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Akarsh Simha, Wikimedia Commons

India is famous for its tea, producing a wide variety with regional distinctions. Darjeeling and Assam teas are among the most widely known. India is among the largest tea producers in the world, currently second to China.

First introduced to India by the British in the 1820’s, Indian tea production was initially a British attempt to break the Chinese monopoly. Using Chinese seeds and methods, the British East India Company established plantations in the high, cool region of Assam, at the foot of the Eastern Himalayas. India went on to dominate tea production for a century with most tea being exported to the West. Following a marketing campaign in the 1950’s, the popularity of tea surged within Indian borders. Currently, approximately 70% of the tea produced in India is consumed in this populous nation.

British Indian Empire, 1909. Imperial Gazetteer of India.

British Indian Empire, 1909. Imperial Gazetteer of India.

To get one person’s sense of a operating tea plantation, see Sangeeta’s post.

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